christine clinckx, Flash Light, 2017 photo on Steinbach paper clinckx drops photograph    
clinckx, 1946 scratched out photograph 1998 clinckx drops photograph clinckx photograph    
clinckx, 1946, photograph cut out , 2014 clinckx photo    
christine clinckx, The Walk, 1946, 2017 photo on steinbach    
christine clinckx, Ostend, 1946, 2014 photograph on Steinbach paper christine clinckx, Osetend, 1946, 2014 photograph on steinbach

christine clinckx, Ostend 1946, 2014 photogrph on steinbach paper

christine clinckx, 1941 Oostenrijk, 2014 photo on steinbach      
christine clinckx, 1946 Ekeren Belgium, 2014 photo on steinbach clinckx el camino the way between two points 2015 christine clinckx, Ore, christine clinckx, Osetend, 1946 brned surface photo

christine clinckx, news, 2004

christine clinckx 1945 italy,      
christine clinckx, italy 1946, 20012  
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christine clinckx , photograph on steinbach 2007 clinckx, 1946 cut out photograph, christine clinckx, 1942 Ekeren, 2017 photo on glass    

BOOK Preview: Christine Clinckx Covid - 19 Quarantine Self-Portraits 2020

BO OK Preview: Christine Clinckx
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clinckx, force, 1993 photoon pavement stones   clinckx, body bags, 1995 photo on body bag

clinckx, ice/clouds plastic 1995 iceland

clinckx kontrapunt 2019      

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CHRISTINE CLINCKX /photographs 2016-2019

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